What is your dream hair? Using Simply Natural hair extension techniques we can create more volume, length and enhance the colour and nuances of your hair.

You can book an appointment for a free consultation where we can choose the best technique for you as well as give you an exact price.

The hair we use is Simply Natural super remy 100 %, which is designed for a scandinavian hair type. Using quality hair and with years of experience we can create the best possible hair extensions for you. So good that no one can guess your hair’s secret.

You can book an appointment for a free consultation via our website or by calling us at 044 241 6944.

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Simply Natural Dual Weft

Dual Weft is an innovative tape extension. Another weft is added in order to hide the main weft. The result is really unnoticeable even in thin hair.

We recommend maintaining the tape extensions every 6 weeks. If maintained properly you can reuse the Simply Natural hair several times.

Simply Natural Mago

The only thing that connects Mago hair extensions to the customer’s hair is the knot, which lets the extension move freely with the existing hair. The movement of the hair is so natural and comfortable that the customer may forget that she has extensions on her hair. Mago knots will stay connected to the customer’s hair until the hair dresser removes them. Mago extensions are easy and fast to remove.

Mago Hair Extensions does not use any chemicals when attached or removed. This benefits the customers, hairdressers, and our environment as well. We recommend using the extensions for 3-4 months.

Simply Natural pre bonds

The pre bonded hair extension is a very unnoticeable extension technique which also works with naturally thin hair. Simply Natural pre bonds is a favourite of many customers.

We recommend using the hair extensions for 2,5-3 months